Johanna Long Looking for New Opportunity in 2014

Johanna Long Looking for New Opportunity in 2014


Two years have meant the world to Johanna Long. She has raced against some of the biggest names in motorsports. She has competed on the most famous racetracks in America. She has been interviewed on ESPN and built her name on Twitter, now with nearly 50,000 followers. She has tested mettle while learning skills on a national NASCAR circuit. She has been on a stage that few drivers can reach.

The past two seasons on the NASCAR Nationwide Series have provided an unmatched experience. But these are uncertain times. Her contract with ML Motorsports, driving the #70 car for owner Mary Louise Miller has ended. It was only a two-year deal with the Indiana-based company.

Johanna+Long+Daytona+International+Speedway+EwSwfulb5M_l“I knew after this year I was going to be free agent,” Long said. “I am grateful for the opportunity ML Motorsports gave me.” Except that in racing, free agency isnt the same as other team sports. Its less certain when another chance will come along. Its more dependent on timing, connections and fate. There are not many openings.”

“You cant stress about things. Its definitely hard to go on and not know what you are doing next year, but we have a lot of people working hard. I have talked to a lot of teams and a lot of sponsorships, trying to figure it out.” Hopefully, it works out.”

(Pensacola News Journal)

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    Johanna Long is the best female driver in NASCAR, it’s too bad she can’t get a solid ride! She drove second rate cars to the front, in a top tier level car she WOULD have had wins! SOMEBODY like JR Motorsports needs to give her a shot!

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