Alan Bailey

Alan is an Award Winning Radio Broadcaster and Motorsports Analyst.

Alan hosts Shifting Gears on ARN and is the editor of Alan covers NASCAR, NHRA Drag Racing, IndyCar, Supercross, Motocross, Off-Road racing, anything with motor basically. Alan has won a number of Broadcasting awards including an RTNA Golden Microphone for his work on the air.

When Alan is not at the race track, he enjoys working in the dirt with his Off-Road team, Bailey Motorsports and enjoys spending the day at the beach, at the mountains with friends. Alan ran a local movie theater in High School and College and enjoys movies and TV as much as anyone and spends most weekends at the Theater. Alan is a nerd and co-hosts The Nerdgasm podcast with Ben Magnet & Stormin Norman.

Alan is Married to his high school friend, Gaberiela Bailey-Juarez and they have 2 dogs together (Jack & Lana) and live in Southern California. Alan often helps out at local animal shelters and events for animals.


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